Azion's New Templates Accelerate Edge Adoption and Optimization

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Azion's New Templates Accelerate Edge Adoption and Optimization

Did you know that your edge-focused projects can be launched even faster? Azion’s templates, designed to enhance the developer’s experience (DX) with our platform, provide agility and efficiency to application development.

With an extensive set of templates, users can ensure they are fully capitalizing on the benefits of edge computing. These templates also offer the necessary flexibility to meet the needs of their specific use cases, as will be discussed further.

How Templates Can Help Developers

Edge-focused projects are quickly growing in popularity as business leaders recognize the safety, reliability, and performance possibilities of edge and serverless infrastructure. Yet these projects often fall onto developers, some of whom may not know how to get started, potentially resulting in longer project timelines and inconsistent results.

Azion’s new templates, created by the company’s experienced developers for users of all skill levels, kickstart development while guaranteeing that projects have a stable and secure foundation to rely on, as Alessandro Cauduro, Chief Developer Experience Officer at Azion explains.

“Our templates make it possible for any developer, at any level, to quickly achieve consistent high performance, scalability, security, and automation on our infrastructure,” said Cauduro. “The availability of these templates ensures a better experience for developers who want to turn to the edge for better performance and results, with little additional investment.”

Make Your Project Faster With The Following Templates

  • Acceleration ChatGPT Plugin: for streamlining the process of creating ChatGPT plugins with a user-centric design approach;

  • Angular, Vue, Astro and React Boilerplate: for automating and deploying projects built on these frameworks;

  • WordPress InstaCreator: automate the creation of a WordPress site accelerated by Azion for effortlessly building attractive, secure websites on the edge;

  • WordPress EdgeAcceleration: for quickly accelerating WordPress websites with Azion’s edge platform;

  • Upstash Rate Limit Solutions: for intelligently managing traffic spikes to mitigate DDoS attacks and other risks;

  • Upstash GeoLocation EdgeDeploy: for automatically customizing site content based on user location;

  • Qstash EdgeFunction Scheduler: for scheduling and automating essential edge maintenance processes. 

For example, the Upstash Rate Limiting allows rate limiting in a serverless environment, improving performance, protection against DDoS attacks and abuse, cost optimization by controlling the rate of incoming requests, better user experience and real-time adaptability. Developers can use it to identify when one or more users are sending large volumes of requests, and thus impacting other users of the API or to have a rapid and consistent response time, establishing reliable upper bounds, so they deliver a consistent quality of service.

Azion’s new templates are just one of several ways in which Azion is empowering developers and complementing our suite of developer tools. Alongside our recent launch Real-Time Metrics for better observability, we’ve introduced Vulcan, an adaptor tool to enable traditional frameworks and cloud-native applications to run at the Edge. Soon, we’ll release an open source Platform Kit, our new headless UI with faster and more intuitive experience. This will enable cloud providers and service providers to create new products and journeys.

Explore our templates right away by creating a free account. If you are already an Azion client, access the Real-Time Manager and click on “Start with a template”.

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