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Use edge computing to load your website faster and ensure 100% uptime.

Turbocharge delivery by caching content at the edge of the network, closer to your users.


Elevate your customers’ experience with:

  • Robust security that leverages a defense-in-depth approach spanning multiple layers.
  • Improved reliability, even during network or origin failures, backed by 100% uptime SLA.
  • Autoscaling that seamlessly handles traffic spikes, avoiding costly overprovisioning.
  • Ultra-fast delivery from the network edge instead of slow content fetch from the origin.

The Azion Platform has provided us with the flexibility we needed to manage the delivery of a large volume of video content to students enrolling at UNINTER hubs across Brazil and thus provide experience at a speed essential for quality distance education.

Reginaldo Servilha de Carvalho, Coordinator of Transmission Infrastructure and Studio at UNINTER

MOBIAUTO Technology

Mobiauto improved content delivery performance by 70% by creating microcaching rules with Azion

Contabilizei Technology

Contabilizei Improves the Performance of Its Accounting Platform by 73% and Reduces Front-End Costs by 96% by Creating Advanced Caching Rules with Azion

Ensure high availability by keeping your content cached at the edge

Maintain Great Experiences

Minimize origin load by distributing requests across multiple edges in the same region as users, keeping CX consistent.

Elevate Your SEO

Improve page load time speed and decrease security risks for lower bounce rates and better search engine ranking.

Reduce Vendor Lock-In

Deliver content leveraging open standards and easily connect multiple service providers globally on a single caching platform.

Control Costs

Minimize the number of trips to the origin with delivery at the edge, closer to the end users, to reduce egress costs.


Azion is a full-stack edge platform that simplifies how you build better applications, faster.

Take advantage of our 100+ global edge locations, or use Azion to orchestrate your own multi-cloud, on-premise or remote-device deployment.

What we do

Azion Edge Plataform

Azion is a full-stack edge platform that simplifies how you build better applications, faster.


To reach anywhere in the Americas and Europe


ASNs directly connected to Azion's network


Uptime guarantee backed by SLA


Edge Locations Worldwide

Live Map

Sales Traffic Attacks Edge Network

See the active cities in the checkout process in 44 of the 50 largest e-commerces in Brazil

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Accelerate your application modernization now.