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Reduce bandwidth costs and improve your customer experience in just minutes.

Mitigate the largest and most complex network and application-layer DDoS attacks.


Enhance your security with:

  • Support before, during, and after attacks to minimize risk and reduce recovery time
  • Protection for websites, applications, and networks anywhere: on-prem, cloud, or hybrid
  • Instant detection and blocking at the edge to keep sites 100% available, backed by SLA
  • Full network and application-layer DDoS protection against evolving, multi-layered attacks

The experience with Azion’s technical support was a pleasant surprise. Before, we had the vision of Azion as a service that works very well, but the speed in meeting requests, even outside business hours, and all the monitoring effort made during CCXP (Comic Con Experience) showed us how much the company is a partner.

Jota Russo, Technical Lead at Omelete


Azion guarantees availability for the bank and its 1M+ customers by protecting it from multi-layer DDoS attacks

FOURBANK Technology

FourBank protects its applications and APIs against DDoS attacks by adding a programmable security layer at the edge

Ensure your customers' security against attacks of any volume

Maintain a Great CX

Easily mitigate the largest and most complex DDoS attacks with no impact on your customer experience.

Ensure Business Continuity

Keep your applications, content, and origin infrastructure available, powered by our 100% SLA guarantee.

Protect Your Company’s Reputation

Guard your applications against sophisticated, multi-layer attacks timed by attackers aiming for maximum damage.

Reduce Bandwidth Costs

Automatically block malicious traffic at the edge, eliminating the need to increase bandwidth during an attack.


Azion is a full-stack edge platform that simplifies how you build better applications, faster.

Take advantage of our 100+ global edge locations, or use Azion to orchestrate your own multi-cloud, on-premise or remote-device deployment.

What we do

Azion Edge Plataform

Azion is a full-stack edge platform that simplifies how you build better applications, faster.


To reach anywhere in the Americas and Europe


ASNs directly connected to Azion's network


Uptime guarantee backed by SLA


Edge Locations Worldwide

Live Map

Sales Traffic Attacks Edge Network

See the active cities in the checkout process in 44 of the 50 largest e-commerces in Brazil

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Accelerate your application modernization now.