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Easily collect real-time data from your applications, endpoints, and users

Drive better decision-making by drawing deeper insights from your analytics in real time.


The benefit went far beyond performance. Flexibility and ease in using Azion’s products to build and monitor applications is one of the company’s main differentials. Another highlight is the service and concern that Azion has for its customers.

Cezar Baldi, Chief Technology Officer at NZN


Magalu guarantees high availability for hundreds of global-scale applications, evolves its security perimeter, and improves its cyber threat intelligence with Azion.

GetNinjas Tech

GetNinjas improves data analysis with Azion Data Stream and obtains incredible performance, security, and availability in its applications.

Observe, analyze, and make decisions faster and more efficiently

Process Data at the Edge

Boost sales, security, and business efficiency, using data from connected devices to generate insights in real time.

Detect Threats in Real Time

Enrich data for a full picture of malicious users, find out when you are being attacked, and take immediate action.

Forecast Trends

Allow teams to quickly identify trends with near real-time business insights from rich visualizations and graphs.

Understand Your Shopper

Better understand your consumers’ behavior, where they are located, and how they access your site. All in real time.


Azion is a full-stack edge platform that simplifies how you build better applications, faster.

Take advantage of our 100+ global edge locations, or use Azion to orchestrate your own multi-cloud, on-premise or remote-device deployment.

What we do

Azion Edge Plataform

Azion is a full-stack edge platform that simplifies how you build better applications, faster.


To reach anywhere in the Americas and Europe


ASNs directly connected to Azion's network


Uptime guarantee backed by SLA


Edge Locations Worldwide

Live Map

Sales Traffic Attacks Edge Network

See the active cities in the checkout process in 44 of the 50 largest e-commerces in Brazil

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Accelerate your application modernization now.