Why Azion

We are here to help you build, innovate and scale at the edge.

With Azion, you can build future-proof apps, benefit from our fast, secure and reliable Edge network and focus on your business. We will take care of your security, provide engineer-to-engineer services and allow you to scale with our pay-per-use smart pricing.

Our proprietary state-of-the-art platform is now yours

Azion's Edge Computing Platform delivers mission critical services for innovative leaders across sectors from Finance to Media, from E-Commerce to any other. We are here to help you innovate and deliver the performance and security you want with the scalability and reliability you need when getting your content, applications and APIs online. Our Platform is designed for real-time orchestration so that every change you make reflects in real-time on our global infrastructure, offering advanced control and transparency, including best practice tools such as versioning, CI/CD workflows and logs in real-time.

Azion's Intelligent Edge powers our Edge products and allows developers to build powerful Edge applications.

The Azion SDN Router ensures best-in-class routing algorithms under normal or complex situations to maintain the performance and reliability you need.

Azion's Real Time Manager is our real-time orchestrator for configurations, cache purges and other events, offering a powerful Control Panel and API.

Build future-proof apps

Serverless applications offer the full abstraction of the most complex computing, networking and security challenges. Going Serverless means that your teams will spend less time managing infrastructure, and more time developing and delivering awesome applications that will scale and perform faster than ever before.

No ops. No server management. No lock-in.

Scale with performance.

Smoothly move out of your legacy workloads.

Pay only when a request is made.

We are committed to your security

The multi-layer security of our Platform offers a complete approach to all your security needs, protecting against all levels of network and application-layer threat. We are committed to protecting your valuable content and applications from both established and evolving threats.

Our servers, software, and network are designed and controlled by us.

End-to-end data encryption with no additional action required from you.

Advanced techniques at the Edge mitigate threats where they happen.

Trusted in mission critical environments by hundreds of leaders over multiple industries - from e-Commerce to finance, from media to the public sector.

Software-defined infrastructure

Since day one, we've been working with leading hardware manufacturers to deliver state-of-the-art Edge architectures. At the same time, we have always focused on developing software for tomorrow's hardware. Today, our Edge stack relies purely on software-defined switches and 100% NVME-based disks on bare metal servers delivering unprecedented performance and efficiency at every PoP, allowing our cache per server to be a dozen times more efficient than the legacy CDN's.

Today we are 100% NVME-based while working towards muti-petabyte caching and billions of cached files per server.

Azion is committed to community-driven, open-source technology.

Our software-defined switches have Tbps of capacity.

Move to the Edge

There is no going back. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 50% of applications will be in Edge Computing. Azion's Edge Computing Platform delivers the same features that are found in the legacy highly distributed CDNs with the critical difference that Azion was purpose-built to run your code at the Edge, closer to users, offering not only a caching and proxy layer, but also powerful application logic at the Edge.

Build small, independent services focused on doing one thing well, at the Edge, near your users.

Lower latency and improved reliability from our global edge network.

Mission critical innovative products to help you build and scale your business.

Designed for real-time troubleshooting.

Rely on Azion's Edge Network

Smart pricing through innovation

Azion provides smart pricing through innovation and our purpose-built servers, switches, protocols and technology stack. With Azion, you only have to pay when you use a service. At the times of lower usage, your costs also reduce. Choose between our on-demand pay-as-you-go service with no termination fees or take advantage of our committed use discount to further drop your pricing. Do more for less. The Azion Edge Computing Platform will help you save both today and tomorrow.

Try Free

Learn and build with Azion's free tier.

Scale globally with our customer friendly "pay-per-use" pricing model.

No upfront provisioning and no more hassles deploying, maintaining or scaling infrastructure.

See results in security, performance and reliability from day one.

Transparency through real-time data & support

Our support and real-time Data Services will help you arrive more quickly at rich insights and important decision-making based on real-time user behavior. Power your big data, SIEM and stream processing platforms with real-time data from your content, web applications and APIs.

Count on our engineer-to-engineer support for the transparency you're looking for after you have migrated to the cloud.

Find the answers you need in real-time, allowing you to build better products.

Analyze real-world data, track user behavior and monitor the performance of your content and applications.

Create powerful data flows for infinite-scale applications and big data processing.

Unparalleled engineer-to-engineer services

At Azion, our engineers are your engineers. From our Integration Services to our Solutions Lab, we offer a range of professional services to help you get the most out of our Platform. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we will provide the expert assistance you need for a smooth migration out of your legacy workloads, whether you want to migrate entirely from an on-premises solution, build a hybrid cloud or operate exclusively at the Edge.

Engineer-to-engineer services with the transparency you've been looking for ever since you decided to migrate to the cloud.

Multi-language support: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

With Azion Integration Services, results start on day one.

Zero-failure culture.

When you thrive, we thrive with you

We are here every step of the way to help guide your journey and drive you towards immediate and long-term success. At Azion, our forward-thinking approach will help your business thrive.

“The flexibility and range of services that Azion offers has been invaluable to our business success. And as importantly, we've been able to achieve impressive results in reliability, performance and cost.” Cesar Baldi, NZN