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success stories

Today’s users are increasingly intolerant of any delays while using applications or browsing the web.
This is why serverless and edge computing are the perfect combination for modern workloads; these technologies make it easy for enterprises to minimize network latency by storing data and processing requests as close as possible to end users, without requiring developers to provision servers ahead of time.
Join Azion and our guest from Fauna at this webinar to learn more about how to optimize processes, improve the security and performance of your website, and ensure that your applications run as efficiently as possible using Azion’s edge computing infrastructure and Fauna’s distributed serverless database.
In this session, we will cover the following topics:
  • Why you should migrate to edge compute solutions, and how delivering at the edge improves business outcomes
  • Latency reduction and its impact on performance
  • How you can use Azion and Fauna together to deliver high-performance edge applications
  • A walkthrough of how you can use Fauna and Azion to deliver a responsive rate-limiting solution delivered at the edge.