Live Ingest

Reliable and low latency multi-point ingestion for live streams.


Improve user experience by minimizing delays.

Multi-point ingest for performance and reliability of live streams.

Ingest in RTMP with leading encoding hardware or software.

Just-in-time media packaging with support for delivery to multiple HTTP formats.

Cutting-edge security to protect your content from unwanted viewers.

Publish your live streams to any size audience.

Key Features and Benefits

Publishing live streams to any size audience

Reliably publish live streams and ensure efficient distribution through Azion's Edge Network regardless of the unpredictable nature of the internet.

Reliable infrastructure for broadcast-quality delivery

Azion's Live Ingest multi-point architecture is designed to provide performance and reliability - just like our network. Leverage our Edge Network to achieve the expected end-user experience.

Improve user experience with low latency streams

Azion's multi-point Live Ingest speaks the RTMP protocol, allowing you to ingest low latency streams and deliver awesome user experiences.

Just-in-time Media Packaging

Azion's just-in-time media packaging simplifies your live streaming workflow, enabling an efficient, streamlined process to deliver in any HTTP format, such as HLS and DASH.

Cutting-edge security

Implement Access Control Lists (ACLs) such as geolocation-based, IP based and more, secure tokens and powerful Edge Functions create a security perimeter around your live streams and keep unwanted users away.

Easy integration with the top encoding services

Azion Live Ingest easily integrates with encoding hardware and software such as FFMPEG, Wirecast, Wowza, Elemental and others, simplifying your media workflow.

Use Cases

Secure ingestion of live streams

Ensure compliance with content owners restrictions

Implement IP whitelists and authentication to secure your publishing points

Ingest your live streams from a variety of secure encoding software and hardware

Grow your audience on any device, anywhere

Tap into new audiences with just-in-time media packaging and ensure user experience on any device

Count on Azion's plugins for open source players and ensure best-in-class performance and reliability

Expand your audience anywhere with Azion's globally distributed Live Ingest endpoints and edge network

Reliable and efficient publishing of live streams

Reduce broadcast delays even on high quality streams

Count on Azion's multi-point ingesting and plug-ins for open source players to improve service availability

Count on the experience of Azion Labs to deliver the experience your users want and grow your audience

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