Cloud Storage

Highly available cloud storage for your demanding content and application needs.


Rapidly scale production data in the cloud.

Super fast and feature-rich with support to the S3 protocol.

Benefit from smart and durable object storage.

Easy integration with the top encoding services and the entire Azion product line.

Flexible object management based on your own policies.

Key Features and Benefits

Super fast and feature-rich

Azion's Cloud Storage speaks the S3 protocol, allowing you to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere. It is built on a highly available, durable and secure data storage infrastructure and is directly connected to Azion's Edge Network, enabling super fast object delivery.

Simple and scalable cloud storage

Our Cloud Storage is an easy to use yet scalable object storage service. With our pay-as-you-go model, you don't need to choose the amount of storage you need or spend time on capacity planning. It will grow with you.

Just-in-time Media Packaging

Azion's just-in-time media packaging simplifies your media workflow, enabling an efficient, streamlined process that allows your content to be deployed with ease.

Smart and durable object storage

Azion Cloud Storage is designed for long-term durable object storage. It stores multiple copies of each object and ensures the delivery of new objects through Azion's Edge Network.

Easy integration with the top encoding services

Azion Cloud Storage easily integrates with encoding services such as Bitmovin, and others, simplifying your media workflow.

Flexible content management

Tag your objects with unique, customizable metadata to manage cost, access control, and compliance.

Meet auditing and compliance requirements

Apply the object retention policy that meets your compliance requirements. Log, monitor, and retain storage activities for auditing.

Use Cases

Origin for Azion's Edge Network

Store long tail video and other content for your OTT service

Host images and other static website files

Provides the ideal Live Streaming origin

Improve delivery performance with Azion Edge Network

Fast and scalable object storage

Effectively scale using Cloud Storage as your primary origin infrastructure

No upfront investments or resource procurement cycles

Improve data durability

Easily migrate data from on-premise or other cloud storage strorage

Cloud-native application data

Manage and scale production data in the cloud

Deploy applications faster and reach more end users

Access your data from anywhere with Azion Edge Applications

Tag your objects with unique, customizable metadata to control storage consumption, cost, and security

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