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Webinar | July 19th, 2022 | 1 p.m. (PST Time)

Building Secure Edge Networks with better routing norms for internet

To build a more secure and reliable Edge infrastructure, we must protect ourselves against the many vulnerabilities which the global routing system can face nowadays.

Consistent security threats to the routing infrastructure could make Edge quite vulnerable to attacks if proper measures are not put in place. Consequently, organizations from different industries demand secure routing infrastructures that overcome the challenges and protect applications from increasingly frequent cybersecurity threats.

In this webinar, our guests will talk about the importance of keeping the Internet and edge secure, and how intelligent routing security solutions can improve the performance and reliability of your infrastructure at the edge.

We will also discuss the following topics:
  • How to strengthen routing security on the Internet
  • The Systemic security issues that can make the internet vulnerable to abuse, attacks, or errors
  • The need for Routing hygiene in today’s cybersecurity landscape
  • Updated enhancements to the BGP Protocol
  • How to secure routing with an Edge platform closer to the users

MANRS Observatory Aspirant accounts:
When a network applies to MANRS, during the audit process we often share data related to potential areas of improvements that we get from the MANRS Observatory. The aspirant account allows the network engineer to log in and explore all the data related to their network available in the Observatory, fixing any shortcomings they find. That should help streamline the audit process and improve the quality of applying networks. Please reach out to MANRS at
contact@manrs.org if you’re interested in an aspirant account.

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Meet our speakers

  • Aftab Sidiqqui
    Aftab Sidiqqui

    Sr Manager Internet Technology


    More than a 15yrs experience in the service provider industry, currently, Aftab Siddiqui is serving as the co-lead of MANRS initiative at Internet Society.

  • Ajay Gupta
    Ajay Gupta

    Product Marketing Director


    Ajay Gupta is the Head of Product Marketing at Azion and is responsible for the overall product marketing strategy for the Edge Computing platform.

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