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Webinar | March, 10 | 09:00 PST

Insider threats and their ramifications: How to protect your company

Whether by accident or with actual bad intentions, insider threats can expose your company, your information, and your intellectual property, bringing major risks to your data security and cyberattack threats.

However, it is possible to protect yourself by acting proactively against these types of threats, relying on a strategic security and governance proposal.

With that in mind, together with Cipher we will host a webinar to talk about insider threats and how to protect yourself against it.

In this occasion you will get to learn more about:

  • The importance of having governance and documentation.
  • How to identify the right tool to monitor critical system files.
  • How to hire an effective security suite.
  • How to identify insider trackers.
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  • Paulo Poi
    Paulo Poi

    Governance, Risk and Compliance Director LATAM at CIPHER


    More than 10 years of experience with technology and cybersecurity, certified as PCI QPA, CISM and also ISO 27001.

  • Maurício Pegoraro
    Maurício Pegoraro

    CISO at Azion


    With over 20 years of experience in key leadership roles and various areas of information security, Maurício leads Azion's information security vision, strategy and programs.